California and the Civil War: Special Exhibition at Folsom History Museum

Folsom sliderIn the summer of 2012, the Folsom History Museum presented a special exhibit, California and the Civil War, curated by authors T. J. Meekins and Richard Hurley. Camp 22 was invited to provide the bulk of the material for the exhibit, including uniforms, weapons, and other artifacts.

Working with the curators and the museum proved to be an enriching experience for all, and the dozens of display items provided by Camp members was crucial to the success of the exhibit. Upon entering the exhibit hall, visitors were faced with a mannequin wearing the uniform of a Union cavalryman. The other displays included items such as authentic swords and muskets, a knapsack with all the gear typically carried in the field, and many other articles from the daily life of a Union soldier. One of the highlights of the exhibit was a display of an officer’s camp, including a cot, camp stove, and portable writing desk.

The Museum kindly invited Camp 22 to the opening reception, and many members wore uniforms and period garb for the occasion.

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