Old City Cemetery – Sacramento

Sacramento: Old City Cemetery

Sacramento GAR monument

G.A.R Monument in Sacramento’s Old City Cemetery

Sacramento’s historic Old City Cemetery is located on Broadway at 10th Street, between Muir Way and Riverside Boulevard in Sacramento, California. Park across the street and enter at the main gate on 10th Street and Broadway.

Near the northeastern corner of the cemetery, there is a monument to the Grand Army of the Republic. The monument consists of a statue of a Union soldier atop a marble column approximately 15 feet high, surrounded by nearly 60 grave sites of Union Army veterans. Similar monuments are located in cemeteries around the country. Please see this page for more information about the history of the monument.

There is a memorial flagpole in the GAR plot, just to the rear of the monument, that was dedicated by the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, the Ladies Auxiliary of the GAR, and the Daughters of Veterans of the Civil War. There is at least one other memorial flagpole of this type in the cemetery, which is locatedĀ  near a plot of graves of veterans of the Civil War and Spanish American War approximately 300 yards south of the GAR plot.

Other Civil War memorials in the Old City Cemetery include several “Battlefield Trees”, which are trees grown from cuttings or seedlings of trees that are actually located on historic battlefields such as Gettysburg, Manassas, and Petersburg.

We are working on more detailed histories of these other monuments, so please check back for updates.


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