California and the Civil War: Special Exhibition Part 2

Special Exhibit Continues at the Placer County Courthouse Museum

See Part Two of

California and the Civil War

Curated by TJ Meekins and Richard Hurley

California and the Civil War

Dear History Fans,

The Placer County Museum invites you to see California and the Civil War – Part Two, opening April 1.

Illustrated panels created by guest curators Richard Hurley and TJ Meekins focus on stories of daring Rebels and determined Unionists who who vied for California’s allegiance.

Featured is General Albert Sidney Johnston, the most distinguished combat officer in the US Army, who was in command of the Pacific Coast in 1860. Johnston’s loyalty lay with Texas, where he had made his home and much of his reputation. As Civil War loomed, Secessionists expected Johnston to hand over California’s defenses to the Southern Confederacy.

Civil War Fashion – Part Two, by historian and couturier Elizabeth Lowrie, reveals the influence of the war on military and civilian attire. Authentic recreations on display include a Confederate soldier’s uniform, a Southern woman’s wedding dress and her mourning ensemble, and children’s clothes in military styles.

Civil War era artifacts from the Placer Museums collections include a souvenir of the Union battleship Kearsarge, famed for her duel with the Confederate raider Alabama off Cherbourg, France, in 1864.

The exhibit is free and open to the public from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. every day except holidays, at 101 Maple Street in Auburn. The exhibit closes June 1st.

For more about the exhibit and about California’s role in the Civil War, please visit

Hope you enjoy the show!


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